• What is a domain name?
  • Domain name is a name that identifies computer or computers on the Internet. By using domain name (, people can access your home page on your website. It can also be used as part of your e-mail address. For example: A domain name is completely unique and there cannot be two same website names on the Internet. In this way, different companies are able to identify themselves in a unique manner.

  • What are valid characters for a domain name?
  • Valid characters for a domain name include letters, numbers, and hyphens. However, a domain name cannot begin or end with a hyphen. Also, spaces and special characters are not permitted in a domain name.

  • How long does it take to register a domain name ?
  • With SKT it will only take as little as a few minutes to register a domain.

  • What alternative if I do not wish to continue using the Domain Name I registered? Will I get a refund in that case?
  • Once a domain name is registered, it cannot be cancelled for the stipulated registration period. Also, the registration fee would not be refunded for the same. However, once the registration period is over, it is entirely your choice whether to go for a renewal or not.

  • What is the difference between .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .NAME, .IN Domain Names ?
  • .COM is used for commercial and personal sites.
    .NET is usually recommended for companies involved in Internet infrastructure.
    .ORG is Recommended for Non Profit organizations.
    .INFO domain name are used for both commercial and personal websites.
    .BIZ domain names are usually used by websites that are restricted to commercial and bona fide business purposes.
    .NAME Domain names are used for personal websites.
    .IN is the official top-level domain in India.


  • What is Web Hosting?
  • Web hosting is the act of renting space and bandwidth through a company so that you may publish your web site online.

    You can either opt for free hosting that is usually supported with banners and pop ups, or may opt to get paid web hosting, which gives you complete control over your site contents.

  • What exactly is space and bandwidth/data transfer?
  • Diskspace is the size your website can be. Every single letter on your website has to be stored somewhere on your web host's server. HTML pages are usually very small, but it is the extra images, scripts, and even databases that can take up large amounts of disk space.

    Bandwidth/Transfer is the amount of data the server will allow your site to send in a month. Once you go over your monthly limit, a host may either shut your site down for the remainder of the month or it can charge you 'overage.' But SKT provides Unlimited Bandwidth/Transfer.

  • What is uptime?
  • Uptime is literally what it means - it is the amount of time your site is online throughout the entire month.

    The best uptime would be 100%, but because things can break, hosting companies offer 99.9% uptime guarantees. It means that your website will be up and running at least 99.9% of the time during any 12-month period.

  • What should I choose? Windows hosting or Linux hosting?
  • If you need to support Microsoft products such as ASP, MS Access, or VBScript, then Windows hosting would be better. Furthermore, if you are comfortable with IIS and do not have the time to understand how UNIX works, Windows hosting would again be a better choice.

    There are some things to remember.

    First of all, just because you use Windows at home does not mean you should use Windows hosting. The two are completely different, and having a Windows system at home will not affect your ability to communicate with a UNIX server.

    Secondly, Linux is much more common with web hosts due to its superior stability and because it is free. Since it is free, Linux hosting is usually cheaper than Windows. Just because it's free does not mean it's not as good - Linux is an excellent product too.

  • I have a fast internet connection (DSL/cable) - can I just host my own site?
  • You could, but that's definitely not recommended.

    Some of the reasons:

    • Most ISPs have clauses that do not let you use your internet connection for web hosting - doing so will result in termination of your account.

    • Your system should be secure so that no one can hack into it, having your computer on 24/7, and other such problems.

    • Most good web hosts use powerful servers with lots of RAM and high performance hard disks. Furthermore, they have multiple internet connections at speeds far higher than what residential DSL or cable service can provide.

    • There are all the issues of support. If something goes wrong, it will be your job to fix it - you will not have a professional to correct the problem.

  • How do I transfer files to my website?
  • Files must be transferred to the Web server via File Transport Protocol (FTP) or your account's Web-based File Manager.

  • Can you host domain names other than .com .net .org .biz .info and .us?
  • We can host any domain name.

  • How do I transfer files to my website?
  • Files must be transferred to the Web server via File Transport Protocol (FTP) or your account's Web-based File Manager.

  • Can you host domain names other than .com .net .org .biz .info and .us?
  • We can host any domain name.

  • Do I have to keep my website with you forever, or can I move it to another supplier to host it if I wish?
  • You may move your website to another web hosting service at any time.


  • How long will it take for my web site to be designed?
  • The timescale of a website design project is often dictated by the client. If you have a deadline in mind we will endeavour to meet it for you. The most common delay in the creation and completion of a new website is waiting for content (text/images) to be sent to us by the client.

  • Will we need to have a meeting in connection with the website design?
  • In the majority of cases a meeting isn't necessary and most of our websites are generally completed with contact via email and telephone only. We place suggested website designs onto the Internet in a private place where only yourselves and us can view the content. We then liaise with you regularly to discuss the web designs in order that the website design and functionality is exactly as you wish.

  • Once my website design is completed -what aftersales service do you offer?
  • We fully support any website we design and are always available should you encounter any problems or require any enhancements. We offer web site maintenance so that your website need never get out of date

  • In what format should I supply words and photographs about my business for my new website?
  • It is helpful to us if you are able to provide text and photographs in electronic form - for example, the files output by a digital camera and the words in MS word or similar format. If this is not possible, we can help get your information ready for use on the website.

  • Will my website design be" Search Engine" friendly?
  • All our websites are created with search engines in mind and the website design is compliant with search engine guidelines. It is a good idea for your website to be re-evaluated in time as over a period of time the search engines do alter their rules and algorithms and you will want to be certain that your website is kept up to date and complies with new rules etc.

  • Do I need a database on my website?

  • This will depend upon the amount of information you wish to be displayed on your website. If you have many products/services, then it may be advantageous to have a database incorporated into your website design. We will discuss this in detail with you and if a database is advised we will explain in detail exactly how this will work. We can tailor your website design to suit your specific requirements.

  • Will everyone see my web site the same?
  • Your website visitors will see some things differently depending on their browser, screen resolution setting and their individual computer settings and toolbars. We design sites with that in mind and preview them in several browser types and resolution settings before publishing. Obviously as technology alters then eventually all websites may need reevaluation.

  • Can you provide all our web design and hosting services?
  • Yes - we are your one stop company to provide all your web services. No more - not knowing who to call if you have problems - we can register your domain name - design your website - provide your web hosting and arrange your email accounts for you.


  • Who should choose Business-Mail and why?
  • Business-Mail is the right email solution for you if you are looking for a branded mailing solution to support your organizations email communication requirements. With Business-Mail , you get the flexibility of creating POP3 E-mail ID's for your employees and also the use of "Webmail Interface" like Yahoo or Hotmail.

  • What is a catchall Email Id / Unlimited Aliasing?
  • A catchall email Id is the one that will receive emails sent to all those email-ids on your domain that do not exist. It will act as a cover for all those spelling mistakes in local parts (aliases) that a sender makes while sending emails at your domain.

  • What is my mailbox quota?
  • With SKT email hosting solutions you can set your own mailbox size limit or quota using the domain control panel provided to you.

  • What is SPAM?
  • SPAM consists of unsolicited/unwanted email messages, which are sent to a recipient against his/her will. SPAM most commonly includes bulk commercial email, which is sent to multiple email address for the purpose of advertising a product or service with a common subject and message body. SPAM doesn't always mean bulk email but anything that is objectionable to the recipient.

  • What are Auto-Responders?
  • Autoresponders respond automatically to mail received at certain addresses. For example, you can set an autoresponder to automatically deliver a file containing information on your company's products when a customer sends a request to You can configure auto-responders to deliver immediate information to customers in a timely manner.


  1. What is SEO?
  2. SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. SEO is a technique whereby the website is designed and built in a manner that it is able to rank higher in search results for a particular word/phrase.

  3. What is a search engine?
  4. Search engine is a software program. It is designed to aid the users in searching documents, pages, files or folders, images, video, audio that is stored on the Internet.

  5. Are all search engines same and equal?
  6. Though the basic characteristic of all search engines remains the same, each is unique. Algorithms, robots may cause difference in the way a search engine works. From the user point of view, they are different because of the speed with which a search engine gets the result, the layout, the way a sponsored link is displayed and its placement on the page.

  7. Why is SEO important and how can it help my business?
  8. To start with the fact that you have a website means that you want to reach out to clients and prospective customers, thus, the visibility of your website is of prime importance. SEO is the process of identifying the ideal keywords for a website and optimizing it in order to ensure that the website achieves high rankings on search engines and directories for those specific search terms and phrases. This in turn will direct the target audience to the website and should translate into revenue for it.

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